So there is dirt on your hands. What harm can that do? If it has germs it can do a lot.

Germs are small. They are only one cell big. A million could live on the head of a pin!

One germ is not so bad. But they grow fast. In 20 minutes one germ grows into two. 20 minutes later they become four. Then those become eight.

Keep doing the math. In the next hour those eight become 64. Then they grow to 512. Those grow to 4,096. In another hour it is 32,768. That turns into 262,144. By the seventh hour you have over two million. They keep growing like that! In 24 hours you haveenough to make you very sick.

So stop that germ from growing. If you get germs on your hands wash them. Do you need soap? Soap breaks up grease. Then water can wash it away. Soap does not kill germs. To wash off germs you should run water for 20 seconds.

Are there germs on your hands now? Are they growing all over you? Wash your hands!